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Making vegetable soup in the woods

We enjoyed our last visit to the woods in Foundation


We picked peas from our garden. We podded them when we were in the woods.

We then made vegetable soup using the peas

(and other vegetables).


We melted lard on the fire, added bird seed, and made bird feeders, too.


We also enjoyed an ice pop!


Miss Webb

Worthinghead's Got Talent 2019!

We had a great afternoon for Worthinghead's Got Talent!

Congratulations to the winners! The magic act from Foundation were the overall winners.

We enjoyed singing, guitar, gymnastics and lots more!


Which did you enjoy the most?

Miss Webb

Sports Day!

We enjoyed our activities for Sports Day this morning!







Which event did you like the most?

Miss Webb

French Day!

We enjoyed learning about France for French Day!


We answered the register in French. We said 'Bonjour Mademoiselle Webb.' 

We also used Google maps to find out where France is and how we could get there.

We talked about getting an aeroplane, boat, car, or train.


We looked at some pictures of France and used Google Streetview to have a look around Paris.


We enjoyed the French activities in the hall. 

We tasted French food, including brie, baguette, sausage, tarte tatin, and pate.


We also wore French berets and drew self portraits of us wearing them.


We also played boules and had the French flag painted on our hands.


I hope you had a fun day!

What did you enjoy the most?

Miss Webb

Making bird feeders in the woods

We made bird feeders in the woods this week


We carefully put seeds onto bread for the birds.

We also put seeds into pieces of fruit.

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